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7 1/2" Pearl Grips Colt SAA 7 1/2" Pearl Grips Colt SAA
Serial# 21XXX, Shipped to B. Kitteredge & Co, December 8, 1876, 45. cal, nickle, letter included. Very, very nice Pearl grips all original. Call for more information
7 1/2" Pearl Grips Colt SAA 7 1/2" Pearl Grips Colt SAA
Serial #36XXX, Letter included, .45 cal, Nickle, shipped to B. Kitteredge & Co, May 11, 1877. nice overall, exceptional pearl grips. Call for more information
Colt SAA 1st Yr Colt SAA 1st Yr
Serial #1300, no US on frame, casehardening in protected area, shipped to B. Kitteredge & Co. Cincinnati, Ohio, January 31, 1876. all original, very good bore. The single line address is a factory defect, only 3 others known according to Keith Cochran's Encyclopedia of Colt Peacemakers and adds a premium and desirability. Call for more information
Factory Engraved Colt SAA Factory Engraved Colt SAA
Very nice Colt SAA,serial# 57XXX, with carved Mexican Eagle grips, 45 Cal, Nickle, Factory engraved (see letter), Shipped to Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, Shipped 7/13/1880.
Call for more information
Factory Engraved Marlin Factory Engraved Marlin
No. 82 Standard 1875 3" barrel Marlin. call for more information