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101 Ranch Wild West Ranch gun 101 Ranch Wild West Ranch gun
This great western piece of Americana, a percussion French Rifle probably belonged to an Indian who was with the 101 Ranch Show, and later worked for the 101 Ranch. This Rifle hung above the cash register in the Ranch Store. The "Son of the Morning Star" medal on the stock may indicate it was in the battle against Custer. The "101 Ranch Token" show...
1851 Nickel Navy Conversion 1851 Nickel Navy Conversion
Letter from former Texas Gun Collectors Association President, Dow Heard to Col. Kim Poole, now retired states:
"Great Seeing you at the TGCA. You bought my Colt 1851 Navy Conversion, serial # 1790 in
.38 Rimfire. This 7 1/2" Octagonal barrel is a civilian gun made as a cartridge firearm. It was made at the factory as cartridge and was never a p...
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Colt 1860 Army US Scout’s gun Colt 1860 Army US Scout’s gun
1860 Colt .44 cal., Richards Conversion, serial number 199XXX US marked. The Government purchased 1000 of these and since the Army issued them it is believed US Indian Scouts received them while in service. Great original holster decorated with pony beads. Tacks period to the usage of gun.
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Colt SAA 7 1/2" Colt SAA 7 1/2"
Colt Single Action Army, serial number #51967, manufactured in 1879, 44/40 cal.
shipped to Schuyler, Hartley & Graham, New York, New York
Good bore, locks up nicely, 20-30% retained finish all original, wood grips
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Colt Single Action Army Colt Single Action Army
Very nice Colt Single Action Army, letters to manufacture in 1881, .45cal, Nickel, Hartley and Graham New York, New York. Additional letter on provenance.
retains 30 - 50% of Nickel, has great patina on Ivory Grips that look to be fitted to gun by Hartley and Graham showing 3 notches, locks up tight.
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Colt Single Action Army San Francisco 1888 Colt Single Action Army San Francisco 1888
Great Colt letter on this one, Colt Single Action Army serial number# 106111, cal 44/40., barrel length 7 1/2", Blue, Wood Stocks. Shipped to Colt's Patent Fire-Arms Mfg. Company, January 4, 1888.

In the remarks are stated:
As noted above, the record indicate that this revolver was shipped to the Colt Company in January of 1888. Further examin...
Cowboy Stuff Cowboy Stuff
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Early Colt Single Action .45 Early Colt Single Action .45
Nice plumb brown patina on this early serial number #24631 Colt Single Action Army, 7 1/2" barrel,
.45 cal, wood grips early replacement, couple of replaced screws otherwise all matching, locks up tight, good bore, 0-30% finish.
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Etched panel Colt SAA Etched panel Colt SAA
Rare Etched panel 4 3/4" 44/40 Colt Single Action Army, lettered, serial #105257, Shipped to Folsom Brothers New York, New York, August 10, 1885.
All matching, original grips, nice plumb brown throughout, good bore, retains 0-30% finish
remarks on the Letter state: ... records contain a second listing for this serial number, indicates it was a ....
Fringed and Quilled War Shirt Fringed and Quilled War Shirt
War Shirt with great fringe and quill work, front is 22” long, cuff to cuff is 54”, shoulders 20” across, bottom at waist is 28”.
Quilled strips are 3” wide, 11” long. Bib is 5 1/2” wide and 4 3/4” long. (Approximate inches)
Great1880s war shirt
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Loads of Moccasins Loads of Moccasins
1870's -1900s Beaded plains moccasins, sinew sewn in various prices
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Old Cowboy Photo Old Cowboy Photo
Colorized photo of a Cowboy in Brown Chaps. Framed 4 1/2" X 6 1/2" More available.
Pawn and newer Silver & Turquoise bracelets Pawn and newer Silver & Turquoise bracelets
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Very Nice Colt SAA 5 1/2" Very Nice Colt SAA 5 1/2"
Very, very nice Colt Single Action Army, lettered, Serial number #123886, .45 cal., 5 1/2" barrel length, shipped to James H. Fisk, Chicago, Ill, July 21, 1889.
All original, original grips hard to find in this condition 60-80%. There can be further research on the shipped name.
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