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Livingston's Cowboy Connection ~ Old West Collectibles & Gallery
 Antique Crow Child's Dress Antique Crow Child's Dress
Indigo wool is one of the oldest dyes used on wool to create color. This wonderfully made child's dress is a fine example of this process. The back side shows signs of maybe rust from the dress laying up on something. There are no tears or rips or repairs. Cowrie Shells decorate the front yoke and the back. There are brass beads with brain tanned s...
1859 McClellan 1859 McClellan
Nice McClellan saddle
1880's Little Boys Hat 1880's Little Boys Hat
What a treasure this little boys hat is, Silver Belly with a 3" brim and 6" crown, wide ribbon band.
No maker and in good condition.
3 pair of Wollies 3 pair of Wollies
Heres a nice pick of White, Gold or Black Woolie Chaps. All great Condition, shotguns. Call for more information
Advertising signs Advertising signs
call for more information
Beaded Moccasins Beaded Moccasins
Sioux, Cheyenne, Shoshone and more, Lots of moccasins in stock. Please call for more information
Beaded Tobacco bags Beaded Tobacco bags
Plains 19th century beaded tobacco bags, quilled, sinew sewn, and brain tanned.
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Beaver Pipe stem and Eagle head bowl Beaver Pipe stem and Eagle head bowl
Very nice Beaver effigy Pipe stem, the Beaver is laid length wise on the stem and is carved on the wood stem. The paints used are Red and green with a yellow belly. The catlinite Eagle head bowl is nicely done and measures 6 1/4" long and the bowl is 3" high. The Stem is 19" with the mouth piece and tip it is 22 1/2", 2 1/2" wide. It has wear and ...
great old woolies call for more information
collectible spurs collectible spurs
call for available spurs
Cowboy Stuff Cowboy Stuff
We have lots of great old pieces please contact us for your needs
Crockett Parade Spurs Crockett Parade Spurs
Excellent condition, Crockett parade Spurs,
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Elizabeth Lochrie Original Elizabeth Lochrie Original
Elizabeth Lochrie 1890-1981 Montana Artist. This original oil was first sketched near Fort Peck, Montana in August 1956 and completed in February 1960. 24x30 and titled "Home on the Range.
Extremely nice subject and color.
Please call for more information
Enamel Railway Sign Enamel Railway Sign
Great old Railway Express Agency sign. Enamel black with yellow lettering, some rusting on the edges lettering is very good. Approx 6' X 1'
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Engraved Colt Engraved Colt
Colt single Action Army, Nimschke Engraved with pre ban Ivory grips. Serial number 63333, factory states it was send to J P Moore and sons New York. 44/40, barrel and stocks not listed. Shipped January 13, 1881.
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Gallery Gallery
Original Western oils, watercolors, and Bronze sculptures
Great Beaded Shirt Great Beaded Shirt
Great Beaded man's shirt, brain tanned, beaded on red trade cloth, fringed.
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Heiser Batwing Chaps Heiser Batwing Chaps
Wow this are lookers! Trimmed in Studs with nice circle pattern and studded pockets. Tu-toned with belt and pockets also studded. Call for more information
Hidatsa Moccasins Hidatsa Moccasins
Simple beading on these 19th century Hidatsa Moccasins, mint condition. Sinew sewn. Call for more information.
Inlayed Boots Inlayed Boots
We have a selection of inlaid boots and early makers
Jack Connolly Cowboy Hat Jack Connolly Cowboy Hat
Wow 7 1/4 size Silver Belly Jack Connolly, Livingston, Mont. Hat. Great look and 7" Crown, with a 5" ribbon brim edge. Very nice has slight moth evidence on one side that is pictured close up, no holes or tears. Call for more information
KB & P Spurs KB & P Spurs
Nice diamond pattern good stamp
call for more inforamtion
Kelly Bros Spurs Kelly Bros Spurs
Single mounted Kelly Bros Spurs, good stamp.
Loads of Moccasins Loads of Moccasins
1870's -1900s Beaded plains moccasins, sinew sewn in various prices
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McClellan Saddle McClellan Saddle
The McClellan saddle was a riding saddle designed by George B. McClellan, a career Army officer in the U.S. Army, after his tour of Europe as the member of a military commission charged with studying the latest developments in engineer and cavalry forces including field equipment. Based on his observations, McClellan proposed a design that was adop...
McClellan Saddle Bags McClellan Saddle Bags
Great old U. S. stamped McClellan Saddle Bags, very nice condition with canvas inserts.
Old 19th Century photo Old 19th Century photo
Great old frame holds the photo of a judge from Helena Montana on Horse back. We acquired this from a Great Falls estate. Frame 12X14, photo is 4 1/2" X 6 1/2".
Old Cowboy Photo Old Cowboy Photo
Colorized photo of a Cowboy in Brown Chaps. Framed 4 1/2" X 6 1/2" More available.
Original Oil Original Oil
Oil of Indian on Horse back, in a snow storm, both look worn out, the Indian is holding a war lance and a shield wrapped in a buffalo robe, by Quiero. We have found no information on this name. Looks like an older painting. Frame 25X31, Oil 18X24
Pawn and newer Silver & Turquoise bracelets Pawn and newer Silver & Turquoise bracelets
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Railway Express Enamel Sign Railway Express Enamel Sign
Great old Railway Express Agency Incorporated sign! Approx 7' long 12" wide
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silver Navajo Headstall silver Navajo Headstall
Great Silver Headstall with ring bit, Rawhide reins call for more information
Studded Batwing chaps Studded Batwing chaps
Lots of Studded marked Chaps Call for more information
Swan Spurs Swan Spurs
Really Nice Silver Swan Spurs, with gem in eyes.
Good old Studded straps
Tri color shotguns Tri color shotguns
Fabulous looking Shotguns! call for more information